Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leave was approved!

Chris' leave was approved and the wedding is on!  
JUNE 18, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm so excited! Lots to do! I have a lot to get done in 60 short days. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I just wanted to share some of the cards/invitations I have made. i tried to make a business out of making cards or invitations but no one has ever taken me up on my offer except my SIL but I only charge her cost... Let me know what you think!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MPS Challenge

Make a project using your Cricut and the colors Pink, Green, and Black!! And be entered to win a Create a Critter cartridge. Here is my project!

            - black card stock
            - pink card stock
            - green card stock
            - patterned paper by BoBunny
            - white ribbon
            - MPS hello stamp
            - black ink pad
            - pink ink pad or pink chalk
            - black marker
            - Cricut cartridge Doodlecharms

            Cut your black card stock down to 5 ½ X 8 ½ and fold in half. Cut your patterned paper down to 4 X 5 ¼. Tie the white ribbon in a knot around your patterned paper towards the bottom leaving just enough room to add your stamp. Tie the knot on the front of the patterned paper. Using the MPS stamps that say “hello” and using a black ink pad stamp the word below the ribbon and just to the left of the knot. Adhere your patterned paper to your black cardstock. Using Doodlecharms on the Cricut cut a dragonfly at 3 inches out of the pink cardstock. (3” makes him just big enough to be overlapping the ribbon.) Then using the green cardstock hit the shift button and leaving the dial at 3” cut the dragonfly again. This will give you the middle of the bug. Before assembling your bug ink/chalk the edges of the dragonfly using pink. I inked both the middle green part and the whole pink dragonfly. I also added eyes using a black marker to the green part of my bug. Using adhesive put your dragonfly together. Then adhere the entire put together bug on the left side of your card. The bottom of him should over lap the ribbon. After I stuck him down I wished I would have used pop dots and made him a little higher. But he’s cute this way too. :) And wa-la you have yourself a cute dragonfly card!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DWTS/Biggest Looser

First lets talk about Biggest looser... Heck yes! I am so happy red bitch got sent home. I knew as soon as they could they would send her home. No one likes her. So happy shes gone! Now on to DWTS! The judges were harsh this week. I love love loved Nicole! So sorry Buzz went home but he wasn't that good. Work harder Kate!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Lots of things have been going on since I last posted. First I need to give an update on my shows. Desperate Housewives: It was all about Gabby and Susan selling candy bars for their kids. So lame! DWTS: Shannon got kicked off. I can't believe Buzz or Kate didn't go. They really can't dance. However they both have the fan base to keep them on the show. Although I do love Kate very much, she sucks at dancing. Plus she has a sucky teacher. Biggest Looser: It was a close one this week. Between Sam and Stephanie. I was so happy that they kept Sam there. I want him or Koli or Daris to win. They are my favorites. Castle: She didn't die and they finally caught the killer. I missed Ghost Hunters and Monster Quest. And my DVR didn't record them. I don't know why, so weird. Grey's Anatomy: It was all about babies. Everyone wants one, everyone doesn't. Nothing too great this week. And that's as far as I am this week. I'll give you updates on Private Practice and Caprica after I watch them. Yesterday I invited Alisha, Jimi, and Stephanie over to dye Easter eggs. It was way fun. We made a giant mess and dyed over 3 dozen eggs. Condom cups and all. :) I babysat tonight. Harley is getting so big. New wedding news as well this week. Chris put in his leave for June. We are just waiting for the approval form his "bosses". I will let you know when we get more info. Planning to wait until Chris goes to school didn't work out well. The next school date isn't until 2011. I'm NOT waiting that long! So we canceled our vacation and were flying Chris home so we can get married and then I will move to Guam so I can be with him! I believe that is it for now. Will update again soon. Here are some pictures of my eggs...
        To see the rest of the pictures and my eggs check out the pictures on my facebook page.