Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog Bite

I got bit by a dog at work. I bent down to pick up her leash and she lunged at me and got me right in the lip. I rushed to the ER and had to get 4 stitches. I was at the ER for about 3 hours getting fixed up. They sent me home with antibiotic cream and pills. No pain killers. It's very awkward. It started hurting today. I got all the blood off. It is still very swollen. I called into work today because I was in so much pain. It hurts to talk. This picture is from when I got home from the ER.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have decided to stop doing Project Underway. With getting a dog and a job its hard to keep up. I am behind and just cant find the time to blog everyday. I will still be blogging and keeping everyone informed just not as often.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Underway-26

Day 26 9/10/10
Today has been a day! I got up early. talk to Rip an Leah on skype. Then I went to my Doctor's appointment for my achne. I got 2 creams and some antibiotics. I then went and picked up Alice and we went to the thrift store. I found lots of good buys. I spent $11 today. I got a book, 2 cook books, a bowl/plate set, a tea pot, a hot coco pot and mugs, 2 stuffed animals for Sarge, and a bag. I came home to find my house was infested with ticks. Brittany and her mom came over and helped me get out some plants I didn't want from my yard. They took them to Brittany's to plant in her yard. I then took Sarge to the vet. He got his rabies shot and a flea and tick bath. Laura said she would bring him home for me so I came home and bug bombed my house. I used 5 bombs in my house and 1 in my garage/car. While my house was being bombed I went to Brittany's house. I had dinner over there. We had veggie burgers with corn and sweet potato fries. Yummy! Laura called me and said they were home and that Sarge was bleeding from where his stitches were from him being neutered. She called the vet and she told us how to temporally fix it. We had to super glue it shut. Well Sarge is bleeding into his scrotum. It is making them swell pretty large. The vet also said she thinks he has a tick disease. Which is causing his blood not to be able to clot. So he has to go back to the vet tomorrow to get his junk drained and to get the special meds for his disease. But on a plus note I applied to work as a receptionist at the vet and she wants me to come in tomorrow while Sarge is there and shadow Laura. I'm excited. So Sarge is staying at Laura's tonight so she can keep an eye on him and she will take him with her to work in the morning. I came home and super cleaned my house. Sweept and mopped, washed all the bedding and sheets. I also washed all the towels and clothes. I vacuumed  the couch and love seat. I also washed all my dishes in the dish washer. The bombs worked. I found lots of dead bugs that are now out of my house. Everyone please pray for Sarge that he heals quickly and nothing else will go wrong. What a long and tiring day!

Project Underway-25

Day 25 9/9/10
 I brought sarge home today! He is such a good dog. He explored a lot. Followed me everywhere I went.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Project Underway-24

Day 24 9/8/10
 Today was a fun day. I went to GAIN and applied for my doggie. Brittany came with me. I parked under this tree. The application take 24 hours so I should get him tomorrow. He went to a foster home so I didn't get to see him at the shelter. When I got home I started dinner. I put meat and bbq sauce in the crockpot. Then I got a phone call from Sarge's foster mom and she said I could come over and play with him. So Brittany, her mom, and I headed over to her house. I played with him for an hour or so. Then Brittany's mom decided she wanted to go to GAIN to see all the doggies because she wants to take one home with her. So off to GAIN we went again. She found a couple she liked but she didn't put in any applications.  After that we came home and I finished dinner while Brittany showered. They then came over and we ate my yummy dinner. I made "ribs" in the crockpot with bbq sauce on them and green beans and mashed potatoes. It was so yummy. I cleaned up dinner then we went to the movies. We seen The Switch. It was a very cute movie. Two thumbs up from me. I also got another birthday package in the mail today. Here's to another great day :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Underway-23

Day 23
 Today I went to Fleet and Family and used their printer to print out an application for a job at the thrift store. I hope I get it. I also kind of went through their coupons. Holy Smolly they have a lot. There were thousands. After that I headed to the beach. I took pictures of the cool caves then laid my towel out and began to read. And of course it started to rain. Not just rain but pour. i grabbed all my stuff and hurried and shoved it back into my car. I decided just to go to the other side of the beach to the pool and float in the water weather it was raining it or not. It was only sprinkling by then. I set my stuff down at a table and went to put on my new water shoes. I went to lean on the wall next to me and almost put my hand on a giant spider. I was so freaked out. I didn't even put my shoes on. I moved my stuff to a different table and got in the water. I didn't float for very long. Everyone had left after the rain. I didn't feel very comfortable in the water without anyone else there. Although I like it when it's not busy i do like someone there just in case you know. So I left. I came home and showered and watch Little people and Kate plus 8. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dog Update

We decided on him. We just have to apply for him which I will do in about a week. But were stuck on deciding on a name for him... We can't seem to agree on anything. So I need your help, what do you think we should name him?

Project Underway-22

Day 22
 I went to the Nex and got Brittany a get well gift then headed to her house to give it to her. I spent about 2 hours there just talking and hanging out with her and her mom. Than I went to the movies to see Ramona & Beezus. Such a cute movie! I loved it. Then I had a break so I came home and freshened up and grabbed a water bottle then headed back to the movies to see Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was an ok movie. I liked it but I'm glad I didn't pay for it. Not one of the better movies Disney has produced. Didn't do anything else. Just spent the day at the movies :) Was kinda nice! I enjoyed it.

Project Underway-21

Day 21
 This is my new dress that I got at the thrift store. I brought it home and immediately put it in the wash. Well when I pulled it out the padding in it was all twisted. I worked for about 2 hours trying to straighten it. I finally gave up and decided to cut them out. I carefully made a small slit and pulled them out to discover they were sewn to the dress! No wonder they wouldn't go straight. I carefully removed the stitching and pulled those suckers out! It's way better with out them. The dress is a tad big so I was thinking about adding straps. IDK though. That would really test my sewing skills. After doing this I ran a few errands and talked to my mom then went to the movies. I seen Salt. Great movie. Typical Angelina Jolie movie. Action packed. She's such a bad ass. As much as I hate her for being a home wrecker I love her just as much for her awesome movies and stunt work. I seen Brittany and her mom at the movies. We sat together. It was nice to have someone to sit next too. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project Underway-20

Day 20
 I didn't do anything today. I pigged out and slept the whole day....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Underway-19

Day 19
I got up at 9am. I played on facebook for a while. Then at like 10ish I went to the thrift store. I got 2 books, a pitcher, and a dress. After I went grocery shopping. I got all my groceries for the next month. When I got home I put everything away and talked to my mom for a while. I then made my self Sheppard's Pie for dinner. Yum yum. I made such a mess that when I started cleaning it up I just couldn't stop. I cleaned the whole house. It's spotless. It feels so good to have a clean house. I also did all my laundry! I love it when I get these sperts. My house always looks great afterward. :0  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project Underway-18

Day 18
 Today was a pretty awesome day. I totally expected it to be crappy but it wasn't at all. I got up and opened my present from Chris. It is a black pear and the shell it was in from Pohnpei. Pohnpei is one of only two places in the world where black pearls grow in the ocean and people dive for them and they are not grown on a farm. I thought that was pretty cool. Then my mom called me and my whole family sang Happy Birthday to me. I didn't do much the rest of the day. I talked to my Grandma. I got lots of birthday wishes on facebook. I got my package from Casey today. Perfect timing! I also got a couple cards in the mail. I watched a little tv and did a couple crosswords. Then I went out to dinner with Lis, and Sue, and Laura, and Kelly! It was so fun. We went to Fridays. I had a mudslide. Way yummy. I got a birthday hat and a flower bouquet made out of balloons. I also got some pretty yummy ice cream! Kelly and Laura paid for my dinner. Thanks guys! And when I got home I had flowers on my door step. They were from Brittany. She couldn't come to dinner so she got me flowers. I love them. All in all it was a pretty good birthday! :)     

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Underway-17

Day 17
 I went to the self help and got my plant voucher and a filter for my air conditioning then I went to the NEX2. I got four potted flowers for $.36. What a deal. I got white, light pink, purple, and medium pink. I already had dark pink. Although that flower is kinda dead at the moment. I haven't decided where I want to plant them yet. After that I got lunch at McDonald's and then came home. That took me most of the day (since I didn't get up 'till noon). I came home and relaxed on the couch and watched tv. I watched the new episode of cupcake wars. It was a party for the 100th episode of Ace of cakes. Duff was one of the judges. That was interesting considering he hates cupcakes. This one lady made a cupcake with tobacco in it. Yuck! I was way grossed out. the judges hated it but she won because of her cupcake display. I'm excited for all the fall shows to start. We really need to invest in a dvr. I just watch too many different shows.