Friday, November 12, 2010


Nothing really new. I've been working a lot. Everyone is now completely trained so we got our "permanent" schedules. I will be working every Monday and Tuesday 7-6 and every 3rd Saturday 8-1.  I've been cooking every night. I love it. I'm starting to experiment more. I'm getting pretty good, if I do say so myself. Chris' birthday is on Tuesday. I hope he likes the present I got him. IDK though because it's not exactly what he wanted. I made him a super cute card! He will love it! I also made cards for everyone who has a birthday/anniversary in November and mailed them out. Some of them are late and some are early. I am keeping up with my shows through hulu. I have given up trying to watch them "live". Guam tv just sucks. Haven started back up but the Gates hasn't. I hope they don't cancel it. It was a good show. Haven is getting really good but most of my shows are. Not too happy with this season of Grey's. It has really gown down hill. Private Practice isn't too bad. Desperate Housewives is getting good. There was a big shocker at the end of the last episode. Can't wait to see how it plays out. Destination Truth came to Guam. that was pretty cool. They don't believe in the Guam Zombies but they just didn't look in the right place. They really didn't do their research for this one. They also went to Pohnpei. Chris has been there and it was cool to see what Chris seen. Not much else is going on. So I guess that is it for now.


Nikki the *scrappinNavyWife* said...

Hiya! You just commented on my blog...We were stationed in Guam for 3 and a half years! We were stationed at NCTS in Dededo. I'm glad you found my blog and like my creations! ☺


Nikki the *scrappinNavyWife* said...

OH, and btw...Guam Zombies are just boonie pigs! LOL

KarlaBear said...

Or boonie dogs. Every time they heard a noise my husband said it was either a boonie dog or cat :)