Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

What did everyone get for Christmas? I got a new kindle and leather cover with a built in book light, nail polish, makeup, 4 cartridges for my cricut (robotz, mini monsters, nifty fifties, and twinkle toes), a pink tool set for my cricut, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue on bluray, 2 new cookbooks, a cookbook stand, and a spoon rest! Oh yeah I also got extra dark Lindor Truffles and twizlers. Chris and Sarge made out pretty good too! Chris got a World of Warcraft mouse, a poker set, a card shuffler, Iron Man on blueray, Toy Story 3 on blueray, 2 Wii games, an electric tooth brush, and tons of candy. Sarge got a king ball, a tug roap, a giant busy bone, pheast flavored treats, a frizbee, a worm, a hippo, and a tree.

Last night for Christmas Eve Laura and Kelly invited us over and we had tacos and hung out. It was lots of fun. Sarge even got to go and play with Trouble. Today we just spent the day in. We slept in until 10. And then opened presents. After opening presents we watched Toy Story. We then had Subway for lunch. Chris then went to play with his new mouse and I watched Tinkerbell. We spoke to both his family and my family. We are just going to have a normal dinner tonight. Chris parents fly in on Monday so I'm making "Christmas" dinner that night.

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and doesn't for get the true meaning! Make sure you send up a Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!