Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our 1st Anniversary

We had a really nice anniversary. We lounged around and cuddled most of the day. After I gave Chris his present (an iPad over) Chris took me shopping to get some new clothes for my present. Then we went to dinner at the Sea Grill. It was super yummy. We got fried poki (which is just fried tuna) as an appetizer. I got the sea food linguine and Chris got garlic marinara prawns (giant shrimp). It was so good. And they gave us a free desert for it being our anniversary. Then we went and got massages. Wonderful! Then we went to the movies to see Super 8. Good movie. I definitely recommend it! It was a great day. The only thing missing was the top of our Wedding Cake. (We couldn't bring it to Guam :( ) Here is a picture of us at dinner.

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