Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project Underway-9

Day 9
 It was sunny out so I hurried and got ready and headed to the beach! I ate a sandwich, the floated in the ocean, then read and laid in the sun, then floated some more. Then I looked at all the cool fish by the stairs. I tried to take pictures of them but it wasn't easy. My camera is not water proof. This picture is of the cool blue fish that kind of look like Dory. I want to go snorkeling. I want to see all the cool fish. But I think I will definitely wait for Chris. When I got home I worked on Thank you cards. Talked to my mom on skype. And watched the rest of my dance video. Then I went to bed and watched another movie on Hulu.com. I finished watching Johna: Veggie Tales and started watching The Secret of Nimh. 

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