Monday, August 16, 2010

Project Underway-1

While Chris is gone I decided to do a little project. I am going to document what I did everyday. I will take one picture and blog about each one. Here is my first installment....

Day 1 8/16/10
I didn't sleep. No matter how hard I tried I could not go to sleep so I finally gave up and started reading. I read for a while and watched a little TV and played on Facebook. I eventually got really tired so I went to bed. I still could not sleep. I layed there for about an hour before finally falling asleep around 7am. I slept until noon. I got up and showered and headed out the door. I found the store i was looking for the other store and tried to check it out. The door was locked even though the sign in the window said open. I couldn't see in so I just left. The name of the store was Beadhive. I then headed over to Ben Franklin. I put in an application to work there and spent  about an hour or so looking around. I was looking for Raelyn's name in some sort of letters that could either be hung or set on a shelf that I could mod podge paper to. I found the exact letter i was looking for they were made out of paper mache. Like the ones that Pebbles used to sell. But no big surprise they didn't have all the letters to complete her name in large or small. So I went searching again and found wooden letters, large and small. Again, no luck. They didn't have any of the letters to spell her name. I also found foam letters. They had all the letters except for "y". And they didn't have any paper I wanted to use either so I left with out buying anything. I then went to KFC and ate lunch. Yum! Then headed to K-Mart. I sort of found what I was looking for there. I bought a whit board and markers and a scrapbook magazine. I then went in search of the nail salon Tina told me about. I found one, not sure if it was the one Tina told me about but it was still a nail salon so I went it. it was small. Only two girls working there. They wore yellow scrubs. Jenn did my nails. I got white tips. She did an awesome job! I love them. I got home around 5. Still full from lunch so I didn't bother to eat dinner. I watched The gates and headed off to bed.


Nancy said...

Why is it that when you are "just looking," you see lots of things you like! Then when you want to buy certain things the stores are always out. Can you find and order on line?

Your nails are beautiful!

Vicki said...

I love your project. I also love Ben Franklins; it was my favorite store when I lived in NE. That is where I bought my first bottle of mod podge.


KarlaBear said...

I did look online for the letter I wanted and Joanns have them. but they are out of the letter "e". So I haven't decided what I want to do yet. I love Ben Franklin too. When we would drive to Utah to eat at Cracker Barrell we would always go to Ben Franklin. But the Ben Franklin here sucks.