Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project Underway-2

Day 2

I decided to go to the beach and read. I figured I was going to read anyway might as well get some sun doing it. So I headed to the beach. When I got there it was kind of gloomy and windy. I laid my towel out and sat down to read. I just finished my chapter and looked up to see Alice and Chelsey walking over towards me. They invited me to go hang out with them so I did. We got in the water and floated for about an hour just talking. It rained on us a few times. We left the beach about 5. On the way home Brittany called me and invited me over for dinner. So I went home and showered to get all of the salt water off and headed over to Brittany's house. We had pancakes and sausage for dinner. Then we watched a movie. We went out side and sat for about an hour watching her dog play with the frogs. Then we discover the largest spider I have ever seen living in one of the bushes by the side of her house. I tried to take a picture but it was too dark. After that we went back inside because I had the heebie jeebies. We watched the rest of The Devil Wears Prada and then put in another movie. It was almost 1 am by this time so I headed home. I immediately went to bed and fell asleep quickly, where I dreamed all night about that stupid spider.


Nancy said...

Everything sounded great until you got to the spider part! Hate spiders with a passion!

KarlaBear said...

Me too! I am terrified of them! And I've had to kill so many since I've been her. My garage is infested with them. I think one laid eggs in there because they are all the same kind of spider. I don't know what kind of bug spray helps with spiders. I'm just glad the spiders in my garage are nothing like the spider at Brittany's house. That was a crazy big spider. The entire thing not just it's legs.EWWWWWWW