Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Underway-26

Day 26 9/10/10
Today has been a day! I got up early. talk to Rip an Leah on skype. Then I went to my Doctor's appointment for my achne. I got 2 creams and some antibiotics. I then went and picked up Alice and we went to the thrift store. I found lots of good buys. I spent $11 today. I got a book, 2 cook books, a bowl/plate set, a tea pot, a hot coco pot and mugs, 2 stuffed animals for Sarge, and a bag. I came home to find my house was infested with ticks. Brittany and her mom came over and helped me get out some plants I didn't want from my yard. They took them to Brittany's to plant in her yard. I then took Sarge to the vet. He got his rabies shot and a flea and tick bath. Laura said she would bring him home for me so I came home and bug bombed my house. I used 5 bombs in my house and 1 in my garage/car. While my house was being bombed I went to Brittany's house. I had dinner over there. We had veggie burgers with corn and sweet potato fries. Yummy! Laura called me and said they were home and that Sarge was bleeding from where his stitches were from him being neutered. She called the vet and she told us how to temporally fix it. We had to super glue it shut. Well Sarge is bleeding into his scrotum. It is making them swell pretty large. The vet also said she thinks he has a tick disease. Which is causing his blood not to be able to clot. So he has to go back to the vet tomorrow to get his junk drained and to get the special meds for his disease. But on a plus note I applied to work as a receptionist at the vet and she wants me to come in tomorrow while Sarge is there and shadow Laura. I'm excited. So Sarge is staying at Laura's tonight so she can keep an eye on him and she will take him with her to work in the morning. I came home and super cleaned my house. Sweept and mopped, washed all the bedding and sheets. I also washed all the towels and clothes. I vacuumed  the couch and love seat. I also washed all my dishes in the dish washer. The bombs worked. I found lots of dead bugs that are now out of my house. Everyone please pray for Sarge that he heals quickly and nothing else will go wrong. What a long and tiring day!

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