Monday, September 6, 2010

Project Underway-21

Day 21
 This is my new dress that I got at the thrift store. I brought it home and immediately put it in the wash. Well when I pulled it out the padding in it was all twisted. I worked for about 2 hours trying to straighten it. I finally gave up and decided to cut them out. I carefully made a small slit and pulled them out to discover they were sewn to the dress! No wonder they wouldn't go straight. I carefully removed the stitching and pulled those suckers out! It's way better with out them. The dress is a tad big so I was thinking about adding straps. IDK though. That would really test my sewing skills. After doing this I ran a few errands and talked to my mom then went to the movies. I seen Salt. Great movie. Typical Angelina Jolie movie. Action packed. She's such a bad ass. As much as I hate her for being a home wrecker I love her just as much for her awesome movies and stunt work. I seen Brittany and her mom at the movies. We sat together. It was nice to have someone to sit next too. 

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